Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Projects in progress

Right now I have several projects in progress. Just so I can keep things straight, here is the current status:

* German embroidered bag - still waiting for my silk order with the yellow thread. It is on backorder.

* Stool - currently on break from woodshop class. I'll return next month and have bandsaw access again.

* New needlebook project - this is something I started a few days ago for my first experiment with cloisterstitch. I was just finishing up with the edge trim but ran out of fingerloop braid. As soon as I make more I can finish, hopefully on my next day off.

* New project: blackwork! I have always wanted to try this and did make a couple half-hearted (and poor quality) attempts but this time I am really going to do it. I chose a simple pattern for increased likelihood of success.

* Maru dai stand for kumihimo - needs sanding, finishing, real bobbins. Not feeling very excited by it right now.

Why am I posting all this? To my knowledge, no one reads my blog. I am doing it because it makes a nice record for me to look back on and see my progress and have everything in one place. Also if I want to show someone what I am doing I have easy access to pictures. Besides, someday someone may read my blog and even make a comment.

1 comment:

Renee said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, and feel inspired to work more on my own handworks. Your work is so lovely, Kathy, and it's clear that you do yoru research, and use good quality materials like natural fibers and period paint supplies.

It's also thrilling to see bits of my silk threads in your pictures -- I believe the Maru Dai bobbins are threaded with the colors I dyed! Awww but you fingerloop braided your own wool for the needle case! (chagrin)

Keep up the blog, as I am sure there are more readers than me. Make your blog your .sig in your emails, and more people will be hooked into the extraordinary art that you create!