Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A word about painting supplies and one of my favorite websites

In my Links section I have a link for the website of Natural Pigments, a fantastic supplier of traditional artists' materials.  They carry everything you need to make your own oil, tempera, encaustic, fresco, gouache and other types of paint.  Russian style icon painting and fresco painting workshops are held at various times and places during the year through their associated website, www.iconofile.com.  I attended the week-long intensive icon painting workshop last year and learned so much, it was truly amazing!  Anyone interested in traditional materials, supplies or techniques should check out this website.  The people who run it are really nice, too.

Another good supplier is Kalish finest brushes at http://home.att.net/~brushes/Index.html. They are moderately priced and are a joy to use. For fine, precise work they are the best I ever used.

In the picture (because posts are more interesting with pictures) is the catalog, examples of some supplies, the icon of St. Nicholas I painted in the workshop, my cat Sophie, and some of the brushes I bought from Kalish Finest Brushes.

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