Saturday, May 17, 2008

Progress on blackwork shirt

Work on the blackwork shirt for Vyncent continues. I finished the embroidery for one side of the collar and have sewn it to the ruff. It came out even better than I anticipated and I am very pleased. It looks like I got a spot of blood on it so I will have to take hydrogen peroxide to it. I am working on the embroidery for the inside of the collar now.


Liadain said...

That's looking very spiff - I particularly like the teensy buttonhole edging on the frill. How patient you must be!

Kathy Storm said...

Thank you! Actually, the buttonhole edging only took a couple of hours - it was the easy part! - yet adds so much to the look!


Liadain said...

It really does - touches like that make so much difference in the finished look!