Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good photo of Vyncent, bad photo of blackwork

I swear I am such a dunce sometimes. I think because I have seen it with my eyes that I got it in the picture. Here is a lovely photo of Master Vyncent after his Laurel ceremony. Congratulations, Vyncent! He looks wonderful in slashed silk satin and in the photo you can see the collar and cuffs of the blackwork shirt I made but not the fancy part, aargh! So I still have no photo of the finished piece.

A&S was fun with many great classes. I learned about beading so maybe that will be an upcoming project. I had planned to finish my dress for A&S but was sidetracked making the shirt, however I did get the hem sewn on for real. Last time I wore it I had tacked the hem down with one inch stitches!

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Liadain said...

He looks exceedingly spiff anyway - maybe later you can get the "boudoir shot" of him without the doublet to show off the shirt. ;-)