Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More research at Stanford Library

Here are the first of some of the wonderful things I scanned at the Stanford Art and Architecture library today. I chose the picture of this aquamanile because of the depiction of the late 14th century clothing, which I want to make ( I love tippets!). In another photo of the back of this piece it is possible to view her hairstyle which appears to be a fishtail braid.

This aquamanile depicts Phyllis and Aristotle and was made in the South Lowlands in the late 14th century.

I would really love to learn metalworking, especially blacksmithing and casting, also enamelwork.


Chris Laning said...

Robin Netherton has an interesting article on tippets (and the limitations of the visual evidence about them). Remind me and I'll see if I have a copy.

Kathy Storm said...

Thanks, I'd like to see that.