Saturday, August 2, 2008

Starting something new - a scissors case

Right now I am intermittently working on my tablet weaving skills so I can finish the basketweave embroidery pouch, but meanwhile I have to have another embroidery project going. This new project is going to be a scissors case. I wanted to use a pattern from my recent library research and I kept coming back to the design I scanned in the picture above. In order to incorporate such a detailed design into the small size of the case I decided to use 40 count linen. The design looks really good and not too large and crude with this finer linen (I normally use 24 or 28 count), however it is difficult to see. I am using a magnifier to see the stitching when I work. I don't think this is good for me over a long time so I only embroider for short periods of time then give my eyes a rest. Therefore I think this will take a while unless I am diligent and work on it every day. Who knows if that will happen?

The scan is from the Renate Kroos book and the embroidery is from Halberstadt circa 1270/80. I am using two strands Soie d' Alger silk floss.


Jerusha said...

Hi. Jerusha in Meridies. I don't think I've commented here before. I don't know the Kroos book -- can you give me a little more information (or point me to a post that does)?


That's going to be gorgeous when it's done!

Kathy Storm said...

Here are two references to blog posts with information about this book. The catalog is entirely b/w photos but there are over 500 of them. I have access to the book but cannot check it out so I go to the Stanford University library and make scans when I have a chance (along with other cool out of print books they have). I plan to put them on my Flickr account eventually. If you Google "Renate Kroos" one of the top listings, at least on my computer, is for my Flickr photostream which has the few pics I have scanned. They are smaller file sizes than I originally scanned them. I expect this book will keep my needle occupied for a long time to come!

Machteld said...

It' s beautiful!

I absolutely love her book, too bad it's so hard to find :-)

Kathy Storm said...

Yes, I love the book and it is hard to find. I feel very lucky to work for a university that has a copy. I can't check it out but they do have computers and scanners for free use. I'll be making more scans later this week.

Tristán Z. said...

Where do you get 40-ct linen? The smallest evenweave I've been able to find easily is 32-ct, and even then the quality varies. Is there a good fabric shop in your area, or are you ordering it online?

Kathy Storm said...


I bought 40 and 54 count evenweave linen from Needle in a Haystack ( To answer your question, I both go there and order online. It is a 40 miles or so from me but through some of the worst Bay Area traffic so I go once a year to look at the selection and order online after that. Besides, shipping is cheaper than gas. They have a very good linen selection, also many varieties of silk threads and more.