Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brick Stitch Scissors Case Completed

Whew! Here it is, finished at last and just in time. This is a small case for scissors I made as a donation for the Estrella gift basket. The inspiration for the pattern can be found in the color picture from this post. Look at the outfit on the angel on the right. I used two strands of the 2-ply silk from Aurorasilk that my friend dyed; the ground is once again my favorite 24 count linen congress cloth. I couldn't figure out how I wanted it to close so I just made a loop that goes around the bottom of the case as shown to hold it closed. I kind of like it.

Now that I have this finished I have only one more project in progress and I am a bit stumped about what to do next. I want to do something in brick stitch but I'm not sure what. Not another purse, I have three now. Not another needle book either, I have too many of those!


Peter said...

What about a pair of gloves? I was thinking about embroidered gloves for the clergy.

Gina-B said...

Beautiful work! I like the way you've fastened it.

Why not go modern- a mobile phone case? Then you can carry around some of your period work everyday.

K-Money said...

@ Peter - gloves are on my interest list, but I am thinking more like a hanging or cushion, something large and dramatic.

@ Gina-B: You could say that I do carry my work around with me, in the form of a small in progress project that fits in my bag, he he.

Peter said...

Large and dramatic, eh? I see you already know of the Tomas Teppich, so that's no use.

I'll send you a link to Swedish pearl embriodery finds at the National Museum as soon as I get around to it.

helene said...

I've got some scans from the Kroos book posted on my blog that show some of the tapestry panels if you're looking for a larger piece. I've been thinking that when I'm done with my samples I might try my hand at one of the panels. If you want a higher resolution of any of those scans, just let me know :)

- Helene

K-Money said...

@Peter - ooo... Swedish pearl embroidery? Sounds like something I haven't seen before!

@Helene - I think you and I are marching to the same drummer on this one. I have access to the Kroos book at the library at my work so I have a bunch of scans. Maybe the problem is that I have so many that I am frozen with indecision.

Chris from Paternosters has almost got me convinced to do a covered box. I could even make the box myself in my woodshop class and forge hinges for it in my metal shop class... I think I am convincing myself!

Peter said...

OK. I'll post them on photobucket and send you a couple of links.

Peter said...

Better still:

1. Surf to:
2. Type the word textil in the box and click the icon to the right.
3. A list of 700 or so pics will be available. They are from different periods, from before the middle ages and they will range to at least the 18th century
4. If you would like to know more about a specific object, click the tiny red "i"-icon. A detailed description comes up.
5. Note the "Inventarienummer" and the "Undernummer" and contact me. I will be able to tell you more about it.
6. The word "Medeltid" means "Middle ages", "S medeltid" or "Senmedeltid" means "Late middle ages". "H medeltid" or "Hogmedeltid" means "High middle ages" and then, lastly "T medeltid" or "Tidig medeltid" means "Early middle ages".

Knock yourself out.

Peter said...

Oh, btw I forgot: a book-icon will get you a bigger picture and often more info.

K-Money said...


This site is very interesting! I glanced at it tonight and will take you up on your offer in a bit when I can spend more time looking. Thanks!