Thursday, December 3, 2009

New project with brick stitch

I am trying brick stitch in a different way than my usual - this is wool yarn (2 strands of Paternayan) on 14 count canvas. The color choices are modern, but then so is the project - my boyfriend's Christmas stocking. The stocking will have a variety of stitches, this is the only brick stitch (so far). Since I have a Christmas deadline expect to see the finished product by then. I like this wool embroidery so much I may do a cushion as my next project.


Krista Barber said...

Wow - bummer about the Islamic spam. Anyhoo, I think that's a fabulous pattern, and I once again have itchy fingers. Will we be seeing you at 12th Night?

quilt said...

The stitch looks very nice...done in wool makes a very nice impact to the eyes could do nice cushion covers yes.

Ragnvaeig said...

Figured I'd pass along the following citation, in case you hadn't seen it: Christa C. Mayer. "An Early German Needlework Fragment" Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, Vol. 6, (1971), pp. 66-76. On p. 72 she gives some charted patterns, only a couple of which look like patterns you've already done.