Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Treasury of Basel Cathedral

When I go to the used bookstore I try to browse through the art books section just in case they (rarely) have something for me. This book, from an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), contains mostly examples of the amazing metalwork like the object pictured on the cover. There are a few examples of illumination and four fabric covered boxes, shown below. These boxes must have been fairly common in churches, although few survive (to my knowledge).

I love the painting inside the lid, it is tempera on silk. Note also the multicolored fringe on the edge of the lid and the cord that restricts the opening of the box. The box sides are very thin, but the inside support is wood according to the accompanying text. I wish the balls in the lower picture had a close up picture, they are very pretty.

Two tiny boxes to hold the Eucharist. These remind me of another small round box. They also on a wood support, turned wood is my guess. Love the sequins on the box on the left!


Helene said...

I LOVE the Eucharist boxes! Thanks for posting them :)

Fanny said...

Marvellous boxes, I just love them!