Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ghirlandaio portrait progress, close to finished

Here is the new progress! I worked a lot on the face, using a dozen or more colors and working the light tints into the midtones and the midtones into the shadows. I used a thin lead white to paint the translucent fabric on the bodice. I've mixed several different colors trying to find perfect mixtures for the hair but so far I am not satisfied so the hair is the most unfinished area. In a raking light the black background shows the areas where my sanding of the gesso was less than perfect and the effect is enhanced now because the paint is so matte. I think that once everything is finished it will have a soft sheen and scratches won't be noticeable.


Mona said...

beautiful work! I love the shimmer of the fabric on her right arm and the detailing. A very interesting portrait to tackle!

Kathy Storm said...

Thank you, that sleeve is my favorite part of the picture and the only part my perfectionist self isn't picking apart for flaws!

Mandalas Craft said...