Friday, January 1, 2016

Medieval Church Tiles in Paray Le Monial, France

Last summer we took a trip to the Burgandy region of France. At a stop in the town of Paray Le Monial I came across an art/craft school (closed when we visited) and this display in the window. I don't speak French, and was traveling with people who were not interested in tile, so I had no more opportunity to pursue this other than taking these photos. There is one place in the area that still makes these tiles, which was also closed when we visited.

The photos (same photo, two exposures) give an idea of how these tiles were made, and show that this craft is still alive.


Katilinum said...

Just found your blog today, via Pinterest (somehow!). Funnily enough, I was watching tile making videos on YouTube last night. I too love medieval tiles; these are more colourful than those in my local cathedral. So glad to have found your blog, and will gorge myself on the back issues! Hope you post some more in 2017; blessings, K

Mandalas Craft said...