Friday, April 18, 2008

My first completed piece of furniture: a medieval stool

The design for this was based on several examples I came across in medieval art. It was my first attempt to make a piece of furniture and my second ever woodworking project. I chose a light finish called "Natural" because this was my first time applying finish and if I did a horrible job I didn't want it to be too obvious. Aside from needing a final rubdown with some steel wool it actually came out OK and it doesn't even wobble! It is all held together with slots on the sides and dowels on the front and top; there are no screws anywhere. Next time I won't be so afraid to use a better (more expensive) wood. I am really excited about making another piece although that will have to wait until I build closet organization for my not-very-big old house closet.

I learned a lot while making this piece. Next time I would be more careful about the scrollwork and not make such acute angles. First of all, not every one was the same; second, the really acute ones were a real pain to sand without contributing anything extra to the look of it. Also, brushing on polyurethane is a real pain. Next time I will try wipe on or spray finish.


Elsi said...

I think it is a beautiful peace of furniture! You can be really proud of it!

Elsi :)

Kathy Storm said...

Thank you!

Tristán Z. said...

Wow this is really nice! I haven't done too much woodworking, aside from making a toy trebuchet for myself (that mostly works..), and trying to make a faulstool. Except for the first day of work, where I was at my uncle's place using his powertools, I never again had access to a good woodworking shop, so it is back at my parents home, still in several pieces, and very lonely :-(

But a hearty congrats for your second woodworking experience.. definitely a success!