Tuesday, April 22, 2008

German brick stitch pattern

So I was reading today's A&S 50 yahoo group digest and there was a post from Helene, whose blog I have added to my "Blogs with Neat Stuff" list. She is doing the same thing I am, namely using period German brick stitch embroideries to make patterns. I am so stoked to see someone with the same interest! I was going to wait and post when I had the pattern motif and background finished, but I was so happy to see Helene's work that I decided to post my own as-is, and post the finished pattern later. Many thanks to Master Richard Wymarc for sending me the base template which I was able to take apart and adapt for my pattern.

I'd like to make 50 different patterns as part of my A&S 50 depth challenge. It seems ambitious and daunting but I have years to finish so I am officially committing to do it!

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