Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Next up - scissors case

Isn't it funny how working on something enjoyable is much easier than something that is less enjoyable?  My last project seemed to take forever and I had to force myself to work on it.  If I hadn't made the rule about not starting a new project until an old one was finished I don't think I would have finished the purse.  I like it now that it is finished but I am glad I don't have to work on it anymore.

This new project is much more fun.  I really like the pattern, the colors and the project.  It is a scissors case for the West Kingdom Needlework Guild service project for 2009.  The instructions encourage the use of silver, but that is not really appropriate for German embroidery in my period of interest.  I may put a silver bead on it, but no thread.  It is due to be turned in by 12 Night 2009 so I can't let the project linger.  So far it is working very fast.

In the spirit of the holidays I posed the picture of the completed front of the embroidery in the branches of my Christmas tree.

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