Friday, April 10, 2009

Brick stitch pattern #11

One of the difficulties of making patterns from low resolution pictures, especially black & white pictures, is that some of the patterning is guesswork. The colors are a rough guess as well as some of the stitches. I would love to be able to see better images of most of the known brick stitch embroideries, but I do what I can.

The image above is a comparison of two guesses as to what the pattern is in the B&W photo. I think the one on the right is correct but I am not positive. Anyway, here it is, Pattern #11 (and variation #11a).

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Liadain said...

These are very interesting.
We share a common problem - interpreting fuzzy photos and little tiny repros of paintings.

But isn't it tot' kewl when we figure one out?!? ;-)