Sunday, August 2, 2009

Brick stitch pattern #18

The information I have about the embroidery in this photo is "German embroidery 1300" so other than that I have no information (that I know of) about the original hanging. It looks like it once had some color but it is badly faded. I chose this pattern because I like interlocking patterns and it is yet another variation on basket weave. The original looks as if the area where this pattern was used was all the same color, probably white, but I show it in a variety of colors to provide alternatives.


Tracy said...

It's from the Art Institute of Chicago.

It was published in The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies 6 (1971) "An Early German Needlework" by Christa Mayer pp. 66-76. The article includes stitch diagrams.

Regards, Tracy

Kathy Storm said...

One of the things I love so much about having this public forum is the information exchange that takes place. So many people from far flung locales all contributing information makes everyone's knowledge broader. Thanks for the info, Tracy!