Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not strictly medieval

OK, not really medieval at all. But it is what I have been doing lately. It's been weeks since I posted and weeks since I worked much on anything related to medieval arts and crafts.

Now it is Halloween prep season and I am making a new display this year as well as sewing a costume for the first time. I may post a picture of the outdoor display if it turns out well. It is mixed theme of scary graveyard and spiders. My costume is just to fit in as a denizen of a spider-infested graveyard. I also wanted something that could be vaguely steampunk or easily modified. So here is the first and hopefully the most difficult piece. It is a cropped jacket in black cotton velvet with a short puff sleeve. Instead of building the sleeve into the bodice I made the pieces finished and separate then cartridge pleated the sleeves to the bodice. Since cartridge pleating is Renaissance period it provides a tenuous link to period clothing. Also later if I decide to wear it as a vest the sleeves will be easy to remove. It is lined, and interlined with black canvas so it is stiff and supporting since it fits snugly. It will be worn over a black corset I have yet to make and a black skirt which has trapezoidal panels in front and knife pleating in back. The skirt is asymmetrical, shorter in front and long in back.

A headdress of wire for a spiderweb would be cool. I've never done any hats so that might be beyond me this year.