Sunday, November 24, 2013

More Time for Sewing

I'm at home for 5 more weeks convalescence following major surgery. My jaw is broken and banded shut, but that doesn't impede my sewing ability, except trying to moisten the ends of thread in my mouth. Envelope licking is also not possible.

Meanwhile, being on disability means I have more time than money. And I am going to be spending Christmas with my bf's family, all of whom traditionally give gifts to every other person or couple. So we need a lot of gifts, and I'm not sure we put up enough peaches. I decided to sew tote bags, because I already had most of the stuff.

Next I thought how I go to the store and buy stuff like flax seeds and quinona from big bins, and wouldn't it be nice to not have to use a plastic bag?

These little bags are simple, made with lightweight cotton and minimalist construction to minimize weight. I think they're cute, and I can drop them into one of the grocery bags I keep in my car. I'm going to give them to the kind of people I think will use them.