Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brick stitch pattern #19

Since it's been a while since I posted a new pattern, here one is. The source is a hanging from Isenhagen, dated to the 14th century (Kroos, item #66). The full size of the hanging is 120 cm high by 315 cm wide. I don't know the original colors, but it appears that white stitches were on a natural linen colored background, and some of the linen was left unstitched. In the pattern on the left, I indicated the unstitched areas with a beige color. In the pattern on the right I used colors that are period appropriate but not known to have ever been used together in this pattern; I just thought it looked pretty and wanted to provide an alternative to the white. This pattern was used in the original embroidery to fill the halo of a winged bull.


Krista Barber said...

Why must you come up with another delightful pattern right when I'm trying to cut my project load DOWN?

charity said...

Looks excellent in nice contrasting colors.I love this brick stitch which I am seeing for the first time...and the use of wool in it makes me love it more.