Friday, January 11, 2008

New illumination; from Stammheim Missal

I've done a bit of illumination here and there over the last several years but not finished much of anything. Now I am doing blank scrolls for SCA awards. This gives me a goal to focus on, an opportunity to practice and I am making something useful. This is the third scroll blank I completed. I'm not where I want to be with my painting technique but I am improving.


-Pergamenata 11 x 14 inches
-Windsor & Newton goache paint
-Cadmium red pale
-Cadmium yellow medium
-yellow ochre
-Ivory black
-Zinc white
-Permanent white
-Sumi gold paint
-Brushes: a cheap synthetic #3 round and a Kolinsky 3-0 liner Series 8 from Kalish
Finest Brushes (great brush!)

The design is taken straight from one of the calendar pages of the Stammheim Missal, made in Hildesheim, Germany in the 1170s. I really love the bright colors of German manuscript painting of this period.

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