Wednesday, November 12, 2008

German tapestry from 1200... another image from my library scans

I recently received some nice feedback from people who liked my posting of historical needlework photos that I scanned at the university library.  Work has been keeping me busy lately so I haven't been back in some time, but looking at these scans again does make me want more.

This is from a book called Meisterwerke der Niedersächsischen Kunst des Mittelalters by Horst Appuhn (1963).  The caption on the tapestry dates it to Halberstadt circa 1200.  The larger picture is The Tree of Jesse from Hildesheim, also circa 1200.  Sorry about the larger than usual file sizes but when I made them really small they were very pixelated.


Tristán Z. said...

Yes, these scans are great! Please do continue to post them!

Racaire said...

do you mean "Meisterwerke der niedersächsischen Kunst des Mittelalter" written by Appuhn Horst?

because Meisterwerke der Niedersachsischen only means - master pieces of the lower saxony ...?whatever?...

Bussi Raca
and thank you very much for sharing

Kathy Storm said...


That is probably the title. I was going by the name of the folder I put the images into on my computer, not the written notes which I was too lazy to get out of my car. A title that long would be unwieldy as a file name, I must have shortened it. Maybe after I eat breakfast I will go out and get my notes and edit my post. Thanks for pointing it out.


Surisa said...

I just came across your site. I am ;looking for images of tapestries that would have been used in 1209 (Carcassona) France. The research I am doing is for a movie we are shooting.
Maybe you can help?