Saturday, November 1, 2008

More from Kroos

It has been almost a month since I posted and the reasons are many. Much of my time and energy went into making my Halloween costume and decorating my house (I was queen of the spider-infested graveyard). Also I have three projects going at once. Right now I am working on finishing the dress I am going to wear next weekend. Meanwhile, here is another photo from the Renate Kroos book.

The book lists it as dating to 1400 and held in Hannover, Kestner-Museum Inv. Nr. WM XXII, 10. It is 90 by 245 cm (35.4 by 96.4 in). I like it because it has so many patterns.


Machteld said...

Thanks for posting this!

A nice detail: the two figures in the middle sit on a bench with an embroidered pillow. It's funny to see an embroidery of an embroidered pillow :-)

Racaire said...

thanks for sharing :)