Friday, February 20, 2009

Brick stitch pattern #2

Now that I have a functional template for building patterns I am making much better progress than my previous one pattern per year. I think I will actually be able to accomplish my A&S 50 Challenge goal of 50 charted patterns.

I started working on patterns from this late 14th century German embroidered hanging at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. It has so many different motifs, there is lots for me to pattern. And it is a color photo so I can try to stay true to the original color scheme when I color the patterns. My colors are not exact but they are pretty close and convey the general idea. I love the way these colored brick stitch embroideries use color so boldly and sometimes inexplicably.

Eventually I plan to make nice PDF handouts like my German counted stitch hero, Master Richard Wymarc. It is thanks to his assistance that I was able to start developing my template in the first place.

I hope you like the pattern and if you use it to make something I would love to see a photo.


Helene said...

I love your charts! I, too, wish to make handouts as nice as Wymarc's. What are you using for your template?

I've just been graphing using GIMP (a graphics programs) and gratuitous use of layers. I have a tablet laptop, so it makes it easier to do the charts.

Kathy Storm said...

Helene - I use Photoshop. I only learned to fool with a few computer programs and Photoshop was one of them. Much of the embroidery design software out there is PC only so that was out of the question. I asked Wymarc what he used and the answer was Photoshop and I thought Aha! I can do that. I started with basic building blocs for stitches that cover one, three, and five holes then started putting them together. Then once I had the basic motif down I merged the layers, copied and pasted. I have templates for some basic pieces such as the yellow centers in Pattern #2 and #1 or the white centers in Pattern #3. I make an uncolored pattern and a colored pattern. There may be a better way but this is what I know how to do. My BF is trying to convince me to used a vector based program rather than bitmap based like Photoshop but I already put so much work into developing the templates that I am reluctant to switch and have to make new templates. Maybe someday. Eventually I plan to have each pattern as a handout with source info and photographs of actual examples.