Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brick stitch pattern #6

This next pattern comes from the embroidery which can be seen in this post. Thanks also to Helene for putting me in touch with Elies who sent me a detail photo of a section of this hanging. Elies took this photo on a trip to the Kestner Museum in Hanover. That's what allowed me to chart this with greater confidence of accuracy. Also of course thank you to Elies for sending me the photo!

I have seen this pattern in other embroideries of the period (14th C Germany); it is pretty basic. It makes a nice simple filler, I think. The blue and yellow colors in the original embroidery still look good, but whatever was in the centers has suffered over time so I just colored it purple.


Eva Grelsdotter said...


Thank you for very cool patterns :D. The patterns are so inspiring that it makes me feel that I want to try to do brick stitch soon!

Chris Laning said...

These are all wonderful. I especially like the diamonds-in-a-diamond one from the little round box (hint!). You know I will be asking you for permission to reprint these soon...

The center of the diamonds on this one was probably not purple, since purple is often fairly fade-resistant, especially if it's mollusk-dyed. (The color is more burgundy than violet, though.) If it was faded to a blah beige color, my guess would be that it was originally green, or perhaps gold color.

What program are you using to create these charts?

Kathy Storm said...

@ Eva: I would love to see more people doing brickstitch, that's why I am making patterns!

@ Chris: I used Photoshop; I have received a few questions about this and plan to address it in a post soon. Yes, I know it likely wasn't purple but the color looked quite dark and I had no idea what to make it. I was probably looking at my new purple thread when I decided, LOL.