Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New brickstitch pattern

I was playing with the pattern from the reliquary box as seen in this previous post and I came up with the pattern pictured here. It seems a reasonable extrapolation from the original, especially since many patterns or parts of patterns show up in German embroideries through the centuries (13th-16th in particular). This may even be a pattern used in an embroidery that I haven't seen or don't remember seeing.

Since I do not have documentation for this specific pattern I consider it period plausible, not period.

I used the basic template to create three color schemes because color will strongly influence the finished look. Each of these color patterns is a combination used in an extant embroidery (ie. alternating colors for diagonal rows). I think it is both fun and useful to look at different arrangements without having to make an example of each.

Finally, I think I may have a basic pattern template that I like. It worked out for a simple pattern and if it works out for more complicated patterns then I will finally start working on patterning some of the motifs from various embroideries.

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